Wednesday, June 6, 2007

7.5 Habits

I enjoyed the 7.5 Habits tutorial. I know immediately which habit is easiest for me--PLAY! I love to play with new ideas, new technologies--and sometimes I get so engrossed in playing with them that I lose all track of time. Next thing you know, I've learned how to do something new. :-)

I'm not sure which of the 7.5 Habits is hardest for me. I really do think I am a pretty effective lifelong learner--and I think I practice all of the habits, at least most of the time. OK--sometimes I don't take time to begin with the end in mind. I don't always plan. I get more of a charge from the discovery process, and I like the serendipity of learning by making connections. But if I do recognize that I have a specific learning need, it's easier to think through more logically how to address it successfully. Really.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Brand New Blog

I've been editing CCPL's 23 Things blog and it occurred to me that I ought to go ahead and start my own. After all, I'll be doing it later anyhow if I want to win my MP3 player.

I enjoy reading others' blogs--and from time to time I've thought about writing my own. But just now I'm finding it hard to think of anything that anyone else might want to read. I suppose that's because I'm reallyreallyreally tired. It's Friday night--the end of a long week.